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What To Expect

My goal as a teacher is to provide a good balance of fun and challenge in a supportive environment. In introductory marimba classes, students learn the layout of the marimba keyboard, mallet technique, and then begin very quickly to learn simple songs. The songs are composed of melodic and rhythmic lines played on marimbas, drums, shakers and voice, which work together to produce the joyful and energetic sound that is Zimbabwean-style marimba music. By the end of the very first class, students are usually playing a song together!

Pieces are taught aurally (by ear, the traditional African way), so there is a strong focus on developing concentration and memory along with the “musical ear.” Basic music theory is also covered, as it pertains to the pieces being taught. As students master increasingly complex rhythmic and melodic patterns, they gain self-discipline, self-confidence, and valuable experience working cooperatively. As individual students contribute their own unique gifts in the group process of making music, they gain an experiential understanding of community. Lasting friendships often form, as marimba classes are a social as well as a musical experience.

The small class sizes (6-10 students) allow for plenty of individual attention, so students are able to progress at their own rate, while learning that each player’s contribution is important.

Marimba classes are great for students of all ages, with or without prior music experience.

For Beginners: If you have never played an instrument before, marimba is a great first instrument. The basics are easy and fun to master, and you can do it with friends!

For Experienced Musicians: If you play other music, this is a great addition to your repertoire! You will learn musical skills to enhance your understanding of rhythm, melody and harmony, and you will develop your memory and your ear.

For Youth: Music education has been shown to improve children’s performance in math, reading, and critical thinking skills. Marimba classes can provide this important aspect of your child’s education in a fun, supportive, small group environment.

For Adults: Share a learning experience with your child, or do it for yourself! It’s fun and rewarding to add some music to your life. Whether or not you have had success with music in the past, you can enjoy the simple pleasure of making music with others on beautiful hand made wooden instruments.