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Performing Bands

Tsoko 2014 The Musango Center hosts a teen performing band, Tsoko Youth Marimba, that loves to share their enthusiasm for the joyful, energetic music of Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. Audiences of all ages, and from all walks of life respond to marimba performances with smiles, toe-tapping, or full-on gleeful dancing!

Tsoko Youth Marimba  is composed of Columbia Gorge area elementary through high school students. They regularly wow their audiences with their outstanding musical talent and their fun, high energy performances, delivered with infectious enthusiasm.

 The funds they raise through their performances help to fund workshops with visiting African teachers, provide sponsorships for  Zimbabwean school children, as well as donations to non-profit organizations performing village relief work in Zimbabwe.

Tsoko is available to perform at festivals, benefits and private events. Email or call for booking information: