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Director Bio

KarinKarin Tauscher has had a life-long passion for music. She first heard a marimba band in 1990 and was instantly convinced that she needed to learn how to play!  It took 5 years to find a group and a teacher, but she began studying the instrument in 1995 and has been playing ever since. Karin began teaching this unique style of music in 1998. She has taught marimba to children, youth and adults in classes at arts centers, in the public school system, through Columbia Gorge Arts in Education, as well as in her own studio. Karin teaches all classes offered at Musango Center. She has also been a member of the Portland band, Boka Marimba, since 2005. She enjoys hosting African musicians in her home, often several times each year, both to further her own studies, and to provide her students with unique and enriching opportunities to study the music and culture of southeast Africa from first-hand sources.

In addition, she holds a M.A. in Counseling Psychology, specializing in children and youth.  In addition to teaching marimba, she works for The Next Door as a home visitor and parent educator.

Guest Instructors

The Musango Center has hosted many guest instructors from North America and Zimbabwe. In the past several years, Musango students have had the pleasure of learning from the following great teachers:

Sheasby Matiure

Jacob Mafuleni

Martha Thom

John Mambira and Ratie Dangarembwa of Bongo Love

Jesse Larson

Nathan Beck

Eric Miller

Cosmas Magaya

Musekiwa Chingodza

Patience Chaitezvi

Peacheson Ngoshi

Tonderai Ndava

Kurai Mubaiwa